My experience with a DIY mini-split heat pump

Katy Hollbacher interviews Laken Allen

Today I'm interviewing my colleague Laken Allen. She's a homeowner in Victor, Idaho with husband Sam, 1-yr old Auggie, and dogs Wilson and Dory. Before their baby arrived, she and Sam decided to purchase the MRCOOL "DIY" multi-zone mini-split heat pump system and install it in their home. Read on to learn more about their experiences and lessons learned!


How to prepare for a power outage at -30°F

Image credit: Stephen Williams, lights of Jackson WY seen from Snow King Resort


BuildingGenius: Making sustainable housing a no-brainer

Beyond Efficiency is highly motivated to solve the nation’s housing crisis and planet’s climate crisis through our technical work, but the traditional building consulting model isn’t going to cut it. To scale our impact far beyond what we’re able to accomplish as a small team working on one-off building projects, we’re excited to announce our new technology- and community-based initiative, BuildingGenius.

How I electrified my Northern California home

This is a case study about modernizing my 1200-square foot East Bay home by removing gas-fired appliances. The gas replacement work was done with some willingness to tolerate temporary inconveniences to minimize cost, which might be helpful for scrappy remodeling projects undertaken by many readers.


How I electrified my Northern Michigan home

A few years ago, I had the opportunity and privilege to design and build a high performance all-electric home in northwest lower Michigan. Read on to learn about the electric equipment, our experiences to date, and some data on hot water, minisplit, and overall energy use.


What You Can Do to Optimize Indoor Air Quality

Image credit: Douglas Zimmerman, SFGATE


Residential Energy Feedback

Image credit: Sense, a home energy monitoring system.


Optimizing Solar PV Systems

Have you ever wondered how solar panels capture energy from the sun to produce electricity? Or perhaps you want to learn how to get the most power output of your own PV array? Read on to learn how solar panels produce electricity, or if you are simply interested in learning how to optimize your solar system skip down to that section.