A “Top Five Wish List” for every building project

What if every project we worked on committed to five things? "

This is the question I asked Katy while BARTing back from a meeting recently. The discussion that ensued was very nerdy and distracted us to the point where we ended on the wrong line. But this is what we decided on:

  1. 1.     QII (Quality Insulation Installation)
  2. 2.     Exterior insulation for metal framed buildings
  3. 3.     No non-thermally broken metal windows… or frankly, no metal windows at all
  4. 4.     Under slab and slab-edge insulation
  5. 5.     Set an air tightness goal and follow-up with testing

Why these five? What about high efficiency boilers or low-VOC carpets? Check our next blogs for more information and a casual defence of this wish list.