Help Give the Earth a Break on Nov. 25!

How much do you feel you are helping to reduce global warming? If you are like me, you are doing things like recycling or turning out the lights in an empty room, but it can feel like a drop in the bucket.

But the recent extreme natural events—the increase in strength and number of hurricanes, fires, earthquakes and more—have gotten my attention. Maybe it was my first-hand experience of the intense smoke in the East Bay, but I have suddenly found global warming has truly moved from concept to reality for me and others—and with it, the motivation to make a bigger positive impact on our environment.

As I thought about what to do, I discovered a parallel between the earth and the human body. When our bodies get particularly stressed, they develop aches, pains, sickness and disease. When these symptoms appear, we go to the doctor who tells us to reduce our stress and to get rest to get better. Our planet, in the same vein, seems to be experiencing some extreme symptoms that show disharmony and that it could use a break—a day of rest—from all of the stresses we humans put on it.

With that in mind, I started an effort to encourage people to take action to help our planet rest called Give the Earth a Break Day. As individuals, we may feel like what we are doing is a drop in the bucket, but if all we humans know we are in it together, we can then know we are making a meaningful impact.

I am asking people worldwide to get into action on Give the Earth a Break Day, Saturday, Nov. 25. People can go to, find action ideas and other resources, and pledge an action they will take that day to help the planet above and beyond the Earth-friendly activities they might normally do.

Imagine if everyone on the planet participated! What if everyone stopped and solely supported the planet for the day? What might be possible?

Upon pledging, your action idea, first name, last initial and location will be posted on the website to give others ideas and inspire them participation to gain critical mass. In this season of gratitude, it is also a way for people to give back to the planet and do something positive with their family and friends.

I created the project while participating in a Landmark leadership program. Part of the coursework was to create a project that benefits the community. Landmark is an international training and development company that is known for offering their flagship course The Landmark Forum ( And Beyond Efficiency is one of the Give the Earth a Break Day sponsors.

Please visit, make a pledge today to take action on Saturday, and ask your family, friends, and everyone in your circles to participate. The more people who participate, the more together we can make the kind impact the planet really needs—because sometimes it doesn't take a takes an entire planet

On behalf of Planet Earth, thank you!