Training + Coaching

Training + Coaching

Our intensive crash courses provide in-depth training on technical topics essential for green-minded businesses and project teams to excel. We offer a range of half-day and full-day classes including:

  • High performance envelope optimization
  • High performance mechanical and plumbing systems
  • Electrification and low-carbon strategies
  • Daylight and shading modeling and optimization
  • Advanced Framing structural engineering and design
  • Green plan review skills and building code updates

We're also happy to discuss complimentary Lunch and Learn presentations or customize sessions to fit your specific technical and scheduling needs. 

Remote Services

Don't have a local expert to help brainstorm ideas, review your plans, or develop high-performance project specs? While nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting or tour of a building site, there's a lot we can offer through phone calls, emails, screen shares and video conferences. Contact us to discuss what's missing on your team and how we can help fill in the gaps!

How to Work with Us

Please contact us so we can discuss the scale of your project and goals and create a customized scope of work.