PG&E Classes: Advanced Framing & Structural Systems

Do you want to build smarter, save money, and provide improved comfort and energy performance for your clients? Sign up today for these free spring/summer classes, part of PG&E's Energy Efficiency class series. Instructor is Katy Hollbacher, PE, Certified Passive House Consultant.

Advanced framing, or Optimal Value Engineering, is a systems approach to the design and construction of wood-framed structures that reduces lumber use, material costs, and waste while maximizing thermal performance and complying with structural codes. In this class, learn how to optimize building layouts and details to minimize material use and maximize energy efficiency of building assemblies. Main modules will include:

  • Design & layout strategies (stud spacing, modular layout, in-line framing, zone framing)
  • System & material options (engineered wood products, trusses, alternate sheathing products, connectors)
  • Framing techniques (single top plate, headers sized for load, insulated headers, header hangers, two-stud wall corners, ladder framing)
  • Waste management tips

Examples of how structural design impacts air tightness detailing, ENERGY STAR Thermal Bypass Checklist compliance, and Passive House considerations will also be discussed as well as foundation design, SIPS and other non-stick frame structural systems, and references to relevant code sections. Finally, this class will include tips for effective project coordination, suggestions for overcoming market barriers, and hands-on exercises to apply what you’ve learned. Open discussion will be encouraged to debate concerns and share personal perspectives and experiences.