Merritt Crossing

We specialize in educational, small commercial, mixed-use, multifamily
and single-family residential projects from California to Wyoming, beyond and
in between. Working with people who want the best for their buildings, on projects that excite and challenge our team, enables us to deliver unparalleled results. 

Our Approach

We have high standards and believe that "good enough" is not good enough. We strive to push the envelope on every project--whether it's a net-zero Passive House office building or modest residential remodel that just wants to be the best it can with limited resources. No matter how ambitious your goals, we'll help educate you and your team about best building practices and make sense of what can be a confusing myriad of options and approaches. 

Our clients aren't seeking the "rubber-stamp" energy or green building compliance consultants. While building science isn't quite rocket science, high-performance building development is complex and demands top quality services and keen insight. We're equally comfortable on job sites as in the office and have logged thousands of hours pounding nails, pulling wires, caulking, painting, solving field issues, and providing jobsite quality assurance on projects ranging from single-family remodels to high-rise commercial façade restoration projects. Our practical experience and pragmatic approach to solving design and engineering challenges set us apart from the rest. 

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