Green Rating + Advising

Green Building

As experienced consultants and Green Raters for LEED, GreenPoint Rated, Green Communities, CHPS, ENERGY STAR and other green certification programs, we can support your holistic green building goals. We've found that when focusing only on the points in a green checklist, it's easy to get blinded by isolated measures and neglect the ultimate goal of optimizing the entire system—from the building to the site, community and beyond. We feel strongly that "points are not the point", and our promise is to help you achieve the underlying goals that green programs strive to deliver.

The best outcomes result when we’re brought on board early and have the opportunity to participate in meetings, complete in-depth reviews of plans and specs, and review relevant submittals. This lays the foundation for success and helps to minimize surprises during field verifications.

How to Work with Us

Please contact us so we can discuss the scale of your project and goals and create a customized scope of work.