Building Science + Envelope Consulting

Envelope Consulting

If the roof doesn't leak, the architect hasn't been creative enough."

                                                                             - Frank Lloyd Wright

At Beyond Efficiency, we'd say the architect should go back to building science school. The proper design and construction of a building's structural system and shell are critical for structural integrity and resilience, long-term durability, heating and cooling demand minimization, HVAC equipment sizing, thermal comfort and daylighting. In fact, we'd say that getting the structure and envelope right is the single most important aspect of creating a building (in parallel with beautiful architecture, of course). It's easy to switch out equipment, finishes and fixtures over a building's lifetime. But you need to get the enclosure right from the start. These days, who wants a maintenance-headache-too-hot-too-cold-energy-hog of a building?

Hire us to complete in-depth plan reviews of your building enclosure systems. We'll encourage simple, constructable approaches and details that will provide the foundation for an extremely energy-efficient, durable building. We'll advise on durability and water management issues, air tightness detailing, thermal bridging issues, building assembly optimization, and window design and shading.

How to Work with Us

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