San Anselmo Strawbale Development

San Anselmo, CA
Residential development with six 1500 sq.ft. strawbale homes


Among the first of its kind, this small residential development in Marin County features six modest strawbale homes ranging from 1200-1500 sq.ft. on a 10.6 acre parcel wth 9 acres preserved as open space. It's the culmination of 45 years of uncertainty for the land and seems to be an ideal end result for property neighbors as well as the county. Beyond Efficiency was retained to design mechanical and plumbing systems that are appropriate for the super-efficient low-load homes. Current all-electric concepts include heat recovery ventilation, mini-split heat pumps, and the Sanden air-to-water heat pump for domestic hot water.

As of mid-2018, the project is awaiting planning approval. 

Building section courtesy of Arkin Tilt Architects