Rene Cazenave Apartments

San Francisco
New 120-unit, 8-story multifamily urban infill affordable supportive housing

GreenPoint Rated New Multifamily

The first of the Transbay Redevelopment Area projects, this urban infill supportive housing project was completed in 2013 and serves as a gateway to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency's vision of a new "main street" along Folsom Street. We were part of the GreenPoint Rater Multifamily team along with Sage Green Development.

Our proudest contribution to the project was demonstrating to the design team the dramatic thermal performance improvements that would be gained by incorporating continuous exterior insulation to the outside of the metal-framed building. The team had originally considered this option but decided it against it based on information from the Title 24 consultant, who had stated the insulation add would "only improve the Title 24 compliance margin by 2%". We completed supplemental modeling and were able to show that, in fact, exterior insulation would reduce annual space heating energy by 33%. Based on this information, the design team added exterior insulation, which will eliminate more than 2 million kWh of space heating energy over 50 years!